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Sabneo™ V7 Warrior

£89.99 £224.99


We are proud to introduce our new SABNEO V7 WARRIOR Saber after 1 year of development and optimization!

We have been collecting customer feedback on the V6 throughout 2020 to improve it and make it more efficient.

We remind you that our price includes the saber handle and the blade (a two-year warranty included!).

If you buy 2 sabers or more, you will have an additional 10% discount on your entire purchase!




    • Laser holes opening in the handle with a futuristic design
    • Larger and stronger blade 
    • Larger and more stable handle with Aerospace grade aluminium
    • Replacement of the electronic board in a few seconds in case of defeact.


    • Latest generation microprocessor (several laser sounds available)
    • New highly sensitive motion sensor (to produce laser sound when you move the Saber)
    • Easier to use (color change, sound mode...)
    • 10  powerful light colors (you choose the color using the button)
    • USB fast charge
Handmade By Our Team


Our new SABNEO™  V7 WARRIOR is a masterpiece that we were able to build with the help of our engineers, it is a resistant battle saber and an advanced collector's item.