For the third Star Wars trilogy, Disney is featuring a heroine this time: Rey Skywalker, protagonist played by the actress Daisy Ridley. The latter wields a blue lightsaber most of the time but will surprise us by appearing with a brand new saber at the end, a yellow lightsaber. The appearance giving birth to many theories...

To conclude Episode IX: Skywalker's Rise, Rey travels to Tatooine, where the Skywalker story began. There, Rey buries the lightsabers of her spiritual parents in the sand: Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, denying her connection to Palpatine. On the planet, she will tell an old lady asking her name that she is "Rey Skywalker".

Just before being questioned by this inhabitant, the young prodigy brandishes the yellow lightsaber she has built. This short passage is at the heart of this article, which will deal with everything that is closely or remotely related to this weapon. Let's not waste any more time!


Poignée du Sabre Laser Jaune de Rey

Made from the stick that accompanies the heroine from her debut in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, this lightsaber has a unique design! Its thick, metallic gray handle has a busy design, a far cry from most lightsabers that are thinner and sleeker. The handle is covered with a fabric strip, making it easier to grip.

On one side of the handle, there is a slightly rounded pommel that looks ordinary. But at the other end, the blade emitter offers an atypical mechanism. Indeed, to make the laser shoot, it is not a classic activation button but a rotating gear. The latter comes into action with a lateral sweep of the thumb. Concerning the blade of this lightsaber, you will have guessed it, it is of the color of its Kyber Crystal: yellow.

This yellow lightsaber appears in the last minutes of the movie Star Wars, Episode IX: The Skywalker Ascension when Rey goes to Tatooine after the Battle of Exegol. This passage takes place just before she declares to the native of the planet that she is a Skywalker.

When Rey activates the golden blade by spinning the gear, 2 flashes of light can be seen, one green and the other blue. Some see this as a nod to her mentors Luke and Leia, while others assume it is a reference to the souls of all the Jedi that accompany her. Either way, J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson have been subtle.

Revisit this moment that marked us all in which Rey shows his yellow lightsaber thanks to the following video clip:

Rey's yellow lightsaber only makes a very brief appearance, and only at the end of the last trilogy. Therefore, many people questioned the relevance of putting this weapon in the plot... It was on May 16, 2020 that we got a valuable information from Phil Szostak, art director at Lucasfilm.

Indeed, a fan declares on Twitter that he is frustrated at the idea of having seen so little of Rey's yellow saber and that he will probably not see it in the future. This is a legitimate question and Phil has an exclusive answer to it!

"That lightsaber wasn't just supposed to appear in a shot at the end. There had to be a subplot throughout the film showing Rey working on it at her workbench, using the Jedi texts as a guide."

                                               Phil Szostak

So, it seems that this yellow lightsaber should have played a bigger role in the last opus. However, the idea was not kept for the final version of this episode. It's a pity because this appearance at the end would have been more justified. But also, no need to say that the audience would have liked to know more about the Jedi texts and the making of a lightsaber.

A yellow lightsaber is usually synonymous with a Jedi Sentinel. It is the perfect balance between the other two types of Jedi: Consular and Guardian. Sentinels are neither experts in Force control nor in Lightsaber techniques. They represent a true balance of wisdom and strength, as well as humility.

Let's also remember that Rey is originally close to the dark side despite herself. Her kinship with Darth Sidious and the vision she had of herself as a Sith could have easily turned her over. And yet, she was able to find the balance, hence the appropriateness of the yellow hue for her saber.

The symbolism evoked by this color is very reminiscent of the purple lightsaber, which reflects a personality that knows how to make the best of both sides of the Force. A very advantageous balance for the character concerned, the most famous being Mace Windu.

Lame Jaune du Sabre Laser de Rey

As mentioned above, the Jedi sentinels have lightsabers with a yellow plasma blade. There are indeed yellow lightsaber wielders other than Rey, including sentinels who have appeared in the Star Wars universe. And not just sentinels! The most famous are the Jedi Temple guards on Coruscant fighting with a lightsaber, which is a kind of double lightsaber. You can see them in Star Wars Rebels.

Other characters such as Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku's apprentice, managed to get one, found on a black market. There is also Ahsoka Tano who uses one as a companion to a green lightsaber during the Clone Wars.

In the sixth Star Wars comic book published by Marvel Comics, we see Luke Skywalker with a yellow lightsaber! This series of unpublished adventures shows Luke in the foreground using this yellow lightsaber as a replacement. This is because he is looking for his blue lightsaber that belonged to Anakin. He had lost it to Vader at the end of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Anyway, the yellow lightsaber is still quite rare, we only saw one for a few seconds on the whole 3 trilogies. As for the extended universe, there are also very few of them.

Sabres Laser Jaunes de Luke Skywalker et d'un Jedi Sentinelle

Although it only appeared briefly in Rey's hands, that yellow lightsaber makes more sense than one might think. The choice of yellow was not random and seems logical once you look at its meaning. It fits perfectly with the path taken by our heroine.

Can we expect to see Rey with her yellow lightsaber again in other series? Nothing lets us believe it for the moment but we can hope so because the license does not hesitate to make many references to the past. Besides, the Star Wars Battlefront II video game now offers the possibility to wield Rey's yellow lightsaber!

Beyond the boundaries of science fiction, know that you can have a lightsaber with a yellow light beam! Our realistic lightsaber models can produce a dozen different colors, including yellow. Don't hesitate to check it out if you want to wield a saber of this (or any other) hue. Whether it's for combat or for collecting.

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